Permissions give the user a way to control the scope of access that a client application has to their data. This is similar to how Facebook will ask users what actions an application can take on their behalf.

Write Access

To perform any type of request other than a GET request, your application must have write access from the user. Your application can request this permission with scope (see Request Scope below). By default all permissions will be requested.

Request Scope

As a client application, you can request specific scopes while you are authorizing a user. If no scope is specified, all permissions will be requested. This is an example of an application with client id of 3234myClientId5678 specifying that they want write access for their app:[]=write

While authorizing your application a user can choose to grant or reject individual permissions.

Available Permissions/Scopes

These are the available permissions you can request as a client application. If no scope is provided, all permissions will be requested.

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